Department of Fisheries Resources Utilization (DFRU) manages two academic programs namely Marine Fisheries Technology and Management for bachelor program and marine fisheries technology for magister and doctoral programs.


IPB University:

To become a research-based higher education of international standard and a prime mover of agriculture mainstreaming

Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences:

To strengthen the institution as center of excellent dan the prime mover in promoting maritime glory through high quality education at the national and regional level in the field of fishery and marine sciences.

Department of Fisheries Resources Utilization:

To become an institution that develops fishing science and fishing technology in the planning and implementation of fisheries resources utilization and management in Indonesia.

According to its vision, IPB university has strong commitment in marine development as part of agriculture which encourage the faculty to promote maritime sovereignty through excellent higher education. Subsequently, DFRU synchronize the vision by focusing on the development of science and technology in the field of management and utilisation of fisheries resources


IPB University

  1. To implement an excellent high education and comprehensive student development to produce competitive graduates with Indonesian characteristics.
  2. To conduct research for the development of science and technology which bring benefit to agrarian and maritime communities.
  3. To provide public services that promotes innovations in science and technology with entrepreneurial characteristics while maintaining the great values of the nation and preserving natural resources.
  4. To strengthen an effective, efficient, transparent, and accountable management system of higher education.

Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science:

  1. Improve the atmosphere of excellent education in the field of fishery and marine affairs through stakeholder’s engagement
  2. Improve the quality of academic services in order to produce competitive and competent graduates for the development of fishery and marine affairs at both national and regional levels.
  3. Improve the quality and quantity of research and collaboration with other institutions which produce technical innovations and policies to answer the challenges in the development of fisheries and marine affairs.

Department of Fisheries Resource Utilisation:

  1. To produce graduates with an expertise on technology and management of marine fisheries through the educational process based on the principles of quality;
  2. Developing marine fisheries science, technology and art concerning fisheries resources utilization through continous resources; and
  3. Actively participating in every activities that benefits the development of Indonesian fisheries, particularly marine fisheries through social dedication.


Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science

  1. The implementation of continues improvement in the administration in order to develop international quality organization.
  2. The implementation of academic environment which is conducive for learning and research activities.
  3. The increasing public awareness of the importance of education and development of fisheries and marine affairs.
  4. The implementation of intertwined and beneficial relationship between the faculty and alumni, government (central and local), industries and related institutions.
  5. The realization of established and professional management system which support a robust institution in dealing with the next 50 years challenge.

Department of Fisheries Resources Utilization. 

  1. Providing significant contribution and performing learning process, research activities and community services, particularly in the scope of marine fisheries, which is leading at national level.
  2. Producing excellent graduates as tough professional workers in the development and utilization of fisheries and marine resources.
  3. Developing science and technology of eco-friendly marine fisheries
  4. Participating in the development of fisheries and marine affairs through policy research on sustainable management of fisheries and marine resources.
  5. Collaborating with private and other public institutions to formulate and implement research findings and recommendations for the empowerment of marine and fishery communities.
  6. Having international excellence in the science, technology and art of tropical fisheries.