Prof. Dr. Ir. Tri Wiji Nurani, M.Si

NIDN: 0024061965006


Expertise: Capture Fisheries Analyst System; Operations Research on Capture Fisheries; Fisheries Management; Tuna Fisheries.


  • Ir. (IPB University, 1987)
  • M.Si. (IPB University, 1996)
  • Dr. (IPB University, 2008)


  1. Implementation of Tuna Traceability in Ocean Fishing Port of Nizam Zachman Jakarta, 2021.
  2. System Approach for Sustainable and Equitable Development of Tuna Fishery, 2021.
  3. Performance of Supply Chain Management of Glass Eel (Eel Seed) to Support the Eel Growing Industry in Palabuhanratu, 2021.
  4. Grouper in Indonesia, 2021.
  5. Marketing system, quality and safety characteristics of mackerel (Rastrelliger sp.) at the domestic market in Jakarta, Indonesia, 2021.
  6. Quality and safety characteristics of mackerel (Rastrelliger sp) in the domestic market in DKI Jakarta, 2020.
  7. A study of the supply and demand for wood for shipbuilding in Batang Regency, Central Java Province, 2020.
  8. Capture fisheries science and technology for sustainable use of fish resources, 2020.
  9. Strategy for Fulfilling the Needs of the Fish Processing Industry at Belawan Ocean Fishing Port, 2020.
  10. Strategy for the Development of Nizam Zachman’s Fishing Port in Supporting the Tuna Fishery Industry, 2020.
  11. Design of Database System to Support the Management of Skipjack and Tongkol Tuna Fisheries in Natuna Waters, 2020.
  12. Proceedings of the Fisheries Seminar Catch the 8th “Future Capture Fisheries Development Direction: A Transdisciplinary Approach for Sustainable Capture Fisheries Development”, 2020.
  13. Strategy for Improving the Quality of Tuna Catches by Tonda Fishermen at the Nusantara Fisheries Port Palabuhanratu, 2020.
  14. Distribution and Supply of Tuna from Fishing Ports n Samudera Cilacap, 2020.
  15. Conceptual Model of Tuna Fishery Management in Nusa Tenggara, 2019.
  16. Development of Flying Fish Egg Fishery in Tual, 2019.
  17. Application of Fuzzy Logic in Tuna Fishery in Southern Waters of Southeast Sulawesi, 2019.
  18. Development System of Flying Fish Fishery at Nusantara Fisheries Port Tual, 2019.
  19. GAP Analysis of Good Manufacturing Practice on Lobster Supply Chain in Lombok, 2019.
  20. Evaluation of Indonesia’s National Working Competency Standards for Fish Catching On The Sea (SKKNI), 2019.
  21. Soft System Methodology: An Approach to Fishery Management Based on Behavior Changes of Resource Uses, 2019.
  22. Recovery of Sea Cucumber Catches in the Thousand Islands: An Ecosystem Approach, 2018.
  23. Ecological Impact Of Siganidae Fishery On Target Species And Trophic Level In Seribu Island Water, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2018.
  24. Level at Fishermen’s Understanding of the Policy on the Prohibition of Catching Lobster Seeds of Panulirus Spp. in Palabuhanratu, 2018.
  25. Model Designs Of Indonesian Tuna Fishery Management In The Indian Ocean (FMA) Using Soft System Methodology Approach, 2018.
  26. Relation Of Fish Resource Condition With Prohibition Of Using Seine-Nets In Takalar District South Sulawesi, 2018.
  27. Relation of Resource Conditions Fish With a Prohibition on the Use of Trawlers in Takalar Regency, South Sulawesi, 2018.
  28. The Role of Nizam Zachman Ocean Fishing Ports in Supporting the Tuna Industry, 2017.
  29. Tuna Fish Utilization Systems in Nusa Tenggara, 2017.
  30. The Role of Nizam Zachman Ocean Fishing Ports in Supporting the Tuna Industry, 2017.
  31. Strategy For The Implementation Of Quality Management Policy On Tuna Fisheries In Sendang Biru Malang, 2017.
  32. Competence of skipper of Tuna Rawai Ship in Palabuhanratu in terms of Indonesian National Work Competency Standards (SKKNI), 2017.
  33. Tuna Fish Utilization System in Nusa Tenggara, 2017.
  34. Conceptual Model For Solving Problems in Tuna Utilization Activities in Nusa Tenggara, 2017.
  35. Conceptual Model for Development of the Bungus Ocean Fishery Port as a Tuna Fish Landing Center, 2017.
  36. Conceptual Model for Problem Solving in Tuna Fishery Utilization Activities in Nusa Tenggara, 2017.
  37. Formulation of Tuna Fishery Management Issues In The Indian Ocean Fisheries Management Area 573, 2017.
  38. Achievement of Performance Indicators in the Academic Field of Undergraduate Programs at the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Bogor Agricultural University in Quality Assurance Perspective, 2016.
  39. Fishing Capacity And Technical Efficiency Of Tuna Fisheries In Kupang, Indonesia, 2016.
  40. The Dynamics Of Fishing Season And Tuna Fishing In The Indian Ocean Waters (FMA) 573, 2016.
  41. Fishing Zones in Karimunjawa National Park, 2016.
  42. Estimation Of Standard Catch Per Unit Effort And Juvenile Proportion Of Tuna Fishery In Southeast Sulawesi, 2016.
  43. Characterization Of Small Scale Fisheries In Southern Coast Of Java, Indonesia, 2016.
  44. Mapping Of Shrimp Fishing Areas In Cilacap District In Central Java Province, 2015.
  45. Bio-Economic Status of Shrimp Resources In Cilacap Regency, 2015.
  46. Catch Of Tuna Fish On Trolling Fishing In Indian Ocean Waters, Southern Coast Of East Java Related To Sea Surface Temperature Variability, 2015.
  47. Comparing Different Small-Scale Tuna Fishery Suppliers: A Case Study On Trolling Line And Pole And Line In Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, 2015.
  48. Dynamics of Tonda Fishing in the Sadeng Beach Fishing Port, Yogyakarta Special Region, 2015.
  49. Terben for fishing areas with light fishing, 2015.
  50. Analysis of Production Factors and Feasibility of Purse Seine Fisheries Business in Salahutu District, Central Maluku Regency, 2015.
  51. Export Market Opportunities for Layur Fish Commodities from the Nusantara Fisheries Port of Palabuhanratu West Java, 2015.
  52. Fish Handling System in Tuna Fishery Hand Line Based at PPI Donggala, Central Sulawesi, 2015.
  53. Tuna Catches in Tonda Fishing Lines Using FADs in South Indian Ocean Waters of Java, 2015.
  54. Injury and Occupational Safety Practices in Small-Scale Tuna Fisheries in Southern Waters, Southeast Sulawesi , 2015.
  55. Dynamic Model of Sustainable Utilization of Skipjack Fishery Resources in the Banda Sea and Surrounding Maluku Province, 2015.

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