Dr. Mustaruddin, S.TP

NIDN: 002057504


Expertise: Agricultural technology, resource management and the environment.


  • S.TP. (IPB University, 1998)
  • Dr. (IPB University, 2005)


  1. Model of Freshwater Fish Pollution by Industrial Waste in North Jakarta. 2005.
  2. Squid Attractor: Appropriate and Potential Technology for the Development of Integrated Coastal Areas. 2006.
  3. Utilization of Marine Invertebrate Waste as a Fishery Production Preservative. 2006.
  4. Business Model of Sero Pouch Fishery in the Tiworo Marine Conservation Area, Southeast Sulawesi Province. 2007.
  5. Research on Coral Reef Ecosystems of East Nusa Tenggara. 2007.
  6. Dynamic Model of Fishery Resource Management in Lampung Bay. 2009.
  7. Management of Aquatic Biota Species CITES Appendix at Wilker BPSPL Sorong. 2009.
  8. Management of Aquatic Biota Types in the CITES Appendix in the working area of ​​BPSPL Padang (NAD, North Sumatra, Riau, Jambi, South Sumatra, West Sumatera, and Riau Islands). 2009.
  9. Study on Development of Minapolitan Area in Muncar Based on Capture & Processing Fisheries. 2010.
  10. Study of Minapolitan Area Development in Fishing Based Capture & Processing. 2010.
  11. Factors influencing fisheries development performance: a case study on capture fisheries in Indramayu. 2016.
  12. Product handling system and presence of residual components in tuna fishing operations in Bitung, North Sulawesi province. 2016.
  13. Environmental and Technical Approach In the Selection of Fishing Gear featured in WPP 571 Aceh. 2017.
  14. Factors Affecting the Compliance of Tanjungbalai Asahan Fishermen in Supporting Sustainable Fisheries. 2017.
  15. Performance of the Technical Aspects of the Kurau Fishing Technology Unit at the Coastal Pambang, Bengkalis Regency, Riau Province. 2017.
  16. Analysis of Yellowfin (Thunnus albacares) Fishing Areas Based on Sea Surface Temperature and Chlorophyll-A Distribution in Aceh Province Waters. 2017.
  17. Seasonal Patterns of Squid Catching in the Outer and Internal Waters of the Tin Mining Area of ​​South Bangka Regency. 2017.

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