Dr. Ir. Sugeng Hari Wisudo, M.Si

NIDN: 0020096609


Expertise: Fisheries resources utilization, marine technology: analysis of fishery systems.


  • Ir. (IPB University, 1990)
  • M.Si. (IPB University, 1997)
  • Dr. (Tokyo University of Fisheries, Japan, 2003)


  1. Marketing system, quality and safety characteristics of mackerel (Rastrelliger sp.) at the domestic market in Jakarta, Indonesia. 2021.
  2. Reconstruction of compensation calculation formula for aquaculture businesses affected by marine pollution. 2021. Composition and size distribution of yellow tail trap by-catch in the Thousand Islands waters. 2020.
  3. Performance of Zn Cu and Al-Cu Electrodes in Seawater Battery at Different Distance and Surface Area. 2017.
  4. Improvement of Fresh Tuna Supply Chain Management Performance at PPS Nizam Zachman Jakarta (PPSNZJ). 2017.
  5. The role of women in small-scale Fisheries of Langsa City, Aceh, Indonesia. 2017.
  6. Tuna Fish Utilization System in Nusa Tenggara. 2017.
  7. Performance of the Gillnet Fishermen’s Joint Business Group (KUB) in Barsela Aceh. 2017.
  8. Selection of Superior Fishing Commodities and Technology in Anambas Islands Regency. 2017.
  9. Uncertainty in catch and effort data of small- and medium-scale tuna Fisheries in Indonesia: Sources, operational causes and magnitude. 2017.
  10. Institutional development strategy through Interpretive Structural Modelling (ISM) for gillnet fisher group in Barsela Aceh, Indonesia. 2016.
  11. Fishing capacity and technical efficiency of tuna Fisheries in Kupang, Indonesia. 2016.
  12. Fishermen’s satisfaction with the services of the Indonesian fishing port (PPN) of Kejawanan Cirebon. 2016.
  13. Bio-economic model of squid fisheries in the waters of Bangka district, Bangka Belitung Islands province. 2016.
  14. Catch of tuna fish on trolling fishing in indian ocean, southern coast of  East Java Related to sea surface temperature variability. 2015.
  15. The formation of fishing areas with light fishing. 2015.
  16. Fish Behavior on Fisheries Boat Lift Net (Bagan Pete-pete) Using LED Lights. 2015.
  17. Area-Based Capture Fisheries Business Development. 2009.
  18. Development of Capture Fisheries Business Management Information System. 2009.
  19. Preparation of the Master Plan for the Development of Integrated Coastal Areas in North Halmahera Regency. 2008.

Awards & Achievements:

  1. Best Presenter in National Capture Fisheries Seminar III. 2009.