Dr. Fis Purwangka, S.Pi, M.Si

NIDN: 0005027204


Expertise: Fisheries resources utilization, marine technology, capture fisheries systems & modeling, work safety & underwater observation.


  • S.Pi. (IPB University, 1998)
  • M.Si. (IPB University, 2002)
  • Dr. (IPB University, 2014)


  1. Performance of Zn Cu and Al-Cu Electrodes in Seawater Battery at Different Distance and Surface Area. 2017.
  2. Management of Fisherman Work Safety at PPI Batukaras Pangandaran Regency. 2017.
  3. Identification of Hazards in Marine Patrol Activities by Fisheries Supervisors in Jakarta. 2017.
  4. Knowledge and Skills of Fishermen About Work Safety at PPP Muncar, Banyuwangi. 2017.
  5. Base line study, installation of communication and electricity cables between Kuala Lumpur (Peninsular Malaya) and Cats (Kalimantan). 2008.
  6. Management Plan for Regional Marine Protected Areas, in Kotabaru, South Kalimantan. 2006.
  7. Drafting of Registration and Mapping of Fishing Vessels. 2006. Identification of Fishermen in Rote Ndao in Relation to the MoU Box Year ’74. 2006.
  8. Master Plan for the Development of Pandang Island Tourism. 2004.
  9. Study on the Determination of 6 COREMAP II Project Sites in Western Indonesia. 2004.
  10. Guidelines for Management Facilities and Infrastructure in Marine Protected Areas. 2004.
  11. Base line study Condition of Coral Reefs in Pemaron PLTGU Bali. 2004.
  12. Observation of the Condition of Coral Reefs and Bottom Waters at Prospective Oil Pipelines from the Maleo Field, Madura, East Java. 2003.
  13. The Behavior of Rat Grouper (Cromileptes altivelis) against Air Bubble Curtains and Different Light Intensities (Thesis). 2002.

Awards & Achievements:

  1. Roboboat Innovation. 2013-2014.
  2. Renewable Energy for Small-Scale Refrigerated Hatch. 2014
  3. Certificate of Merit. Fishing Vessel Practicum Assistant. 1998.
  4. Charter of Appreciation. Practicum Assistant of the Court of Marine Practice in Utilization of Fishery Resources. 1998.
  5. Charter of Appreciation. MK Practicum Assistant Designing Fishing Equipment. 1998.