Lecturer of FRU-IPB Taking Part the on-Board Training in Japanese Sea Waters

Teaching staff of Department of Fisheries Resources Utilization, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK), Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Dr. Mochammad Riyanto, S.Pi, MSi, had the opportunity to become the guest researcher in the activity of on-board training on marine microplastic which was held by Tokyo University of Marine Science together with Kyushu University. The on-board training was held for 14 days starting on 30th July until 11th August 2017 using the research vessel of Umitaka Maru (3000 GT).
The visual survey for the macroplastic and the microplastic sampling using the neuston net was conducted in the Sea of Japan starting from Niigata port to Aomori port. The training was followed by 54 students of TUMSAT and two researchers from Indonesia and Thailand.
The sample obtained was analyzed in Kyushu University under the guidance of Prof.Dr. Isobe. The analysis included the type and size of the microplastic, the estimation of the microplastic density in the Sampling Location. The result of the training was expected to be implemented in the development of the marine microplastic research in Indonesia, so as to estimate the distribution and the micropastic density in the waters of Indonesia.
The person in charge of the on board training TUMSAT, Dr. Keiichi Uchida said that the research collaboration was needed to overcome the global microplastic problems. Every year TUMSAT invited the guest researchers in the activities of the survey and the onboard training on marine microplastic debris.**

Published Date : 09-Aug-2017 in https://ipb.ac.id/news/index/2017/08/lecturer-of-ipb-followed-the-on-board-training-in-japanese-sea-waters/5f4eb91b988fdceb17cb8a7ecf83c5f8

Subject : Dr. Mochammad Riyanto, S.Pi, MSi
Keyword : Lecturer of FRU-IPB Taking Part the on-Board Training in Japanese Sea Waters

Photo : Dr. Mochammad Riyanto, S.Pi, MSi, Lecturer of FRU-IPB on-board Umitaka Maru Research Vessel