Welcome to Department of Fisheries Resources Utilization

Department of Fisheries Resources Utilization (DFRU) is one of the departments in the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, IPB University. Its existence is based on the need for the development of science, technology and art within the scope of marine fisheries in Indonesia.

The department is the result of the development of Marine Fisheries Department under the Faculty of Veterinary University of Indonesia. Establishment of IPB University in 1963 was coupled with the establishment of the Faculty of Fisheries, where Marine Fisheries Department became its parts. Through time, the department changed its name several times before transforming into the DFRU as today.

The department has the mandate to develop the fisheries sector. This field is specific and a necessity in the management and utilization of fisheries and marine resources of Indonesia. Fishing technology involves multi-disciplines science and engineering incorporating textile technology, hydrodynamics, mechanical engineering, naval architecture, electronic and electrical engineering, fisheries biology, oceanography, hydroacoustic, meteorology, fish handling and processing technology, marketing and fisheries economics. In general, the group of knowledge in fishing technology consists of fishing gear and material technology, fishing vessels and auxiliary technology, fishing methods and operations, fish behavior, fish detection and location, fishery development programs and fishing port management.

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